Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Excitement

Zackary returned to Elma Public School for his second year this year. A big boy in senior kindergarten....he LOVES it!
His big excitement...his new lunch bag!
Our big excitement...the news we learned about 10 days ago...our family will be growing by 2 in the early spring. I am pregnant with TWINS!!!
We have learned that the twins are identical but are not sure if they are boys or girls yet.

We're praying for healthy babies born as close to term as possible with as little complications as possible. There is a chance they may be in the same sac which makes it a bit more of a concern and something that will be heavily monitored to ensure they don't tangle in each others umbillical cords. So far both are very healthy and developing well!

Summer Fun Part 6

I thought it was time I finished up my summer posts since fall is now here.
This is Zack after he had his top tooth pulled. He was pretty excited...so was mommy...I was tired of his redneck look! Now he's missing five all together...eating if loads of fun!
Blowing bubbles on a camping trip with our friends Cathy and John and their children Matthew and Emily.
Brycen tried it out too!
Swimming with daddy!
Zack attended vacation bible school in Monkton and enjoyed singing all kinds of songs! This one had some smiley actions!
We took a trip to Michigan to do some shopping and get away. Brycen's favourite thing was riding in the cool shopping cars...er carts!
Zack had a great time petting a goat at the Teeswater Fair
Brycen has lots of teeth so he got to enjoy tons of corn this summer!
Labour Day weekend we had a family shower for my brother Josh and his fiance Marjan...they are getting married Oct. 18th.
Back to the Teeswater Fair where both the boys enjoyed some rides with and without my dad.