Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Birthday Pictures

Happy Birthday Cameron and Cole!
I love these mirror shots. They give me a great visual of what life could have been like. Miss you lots little birthday angel!

Cameron and Cole's birthday was supposed to be angel food cake with butterflies (they've become symbolic of Cole for us)...but the store was out of angel food cake...and I am way to lazy to make one from scratch!

This cake was made by one of my students...isn't it cute!
Cameron could hardly wait to get his hands on it!

and it tasted GREAT!!!!

And the best part....presents...or rather the wrapping they come in!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Miracle Boys!

Wow, a year has gone by already....feels like just yesterday that I was so full of mixed emotions about this day. I'd say it's gone by quickly but truly it hasn't. Maybe that's because I treasured each and every moment with this little miracle who almost didn't get to be here to have this special birthday with us.
I am posting a few pics of the celebration from last weekend with the Ireland gang and will post more pics of today and tomorrow (when our friends come over) later in the weekend.
I thought I'd add the link to my other blog here as the other emotions about today are there along with a piece I wrote for the boys...a powerful one I think that is not full of sadness but honesty and hope...this blog is just for photos and joyful thoughts today!!!

I'm hoping this video will work...not sure the others I posted lately can be viewed...blogger seems to have issues lately.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Our own Tim the Tool Man (AKA Brycen) appeared beside Daddy one day to help fix the dishwasher dragging his own toolbox.

He was quite funny to watch....

Cameron has been very active lately. He is getting so brave....

And he decided to get out of the chair himself...

Not so sucessfully...

But off he goes anyway!!!

He is now pulling to stand completely on his own...and nothing is safe now!!!

Cameron is really on the move lately too. He still army crawls most of the time but he is starting to get up on all fours. The greatest success he has with this is when he's crawling with bare legs.....

He even has a speed wobble in there!!! I laugh each time a watch this and I laugh each day with this precious little boy. What absolute joy he brings to our lives!!!