Friday, July 24, 2009

Yesterday Geoff and I and our family went back to visit at Mt. Sinai in Toronto. It was the first time we'd been there since January and for me, the first time I'd really confronted the feelings of it being the place where Cole passed away. Needless to say my heart ached the entire time we were there. It was a very surreal feeling. I did feel a strong pull towards Cole, like he was right there with us. Cameron, I think, sensed him strongly too. He was a bit agitated and fussy on the way up in the elevator but suddenly, near the area where I'd stayed when I had the surgery and ultimately where Cole passed away, he became very quiet and then began to smile and chatter up a storm. We were able to visit with 2 of our favourite nurses, Faye, who was my nurse on the worst day of my life, the day we learned Cole had passed away. And Rose, the nurse I had most often while I was back there when my water broke. Both ladies are Jamaican and have hearts of gold. They were so happy to see us and to meet Cameron. They were amazed at how long I had carried him and pleased to see how well we were all doing

This picture is of a very special person in our lives, Dr. Greg Ryan, the man who performed laser surgery in attempt to our twin's lives and for whom Cameron and Cole are named after.

We were able to meet with Dr. Ryan briefly yesterday. As soon as I saw him tears welled up in my eyes. I know that Cameron would not be here if it wasn't for him and I am very grateful to him. He is such an amazing person. He not only spent time asking about Cameron and how things had gone but also asked me directly how I was. When I confessed that it was tough to be there he said "Of course it is, your life changed forever here". We thanked him for all that he had done but it was hard to put into do you thank someone that, without their efforts, you would not have the child you hug and kiss each day???

On the way home Geoff and I talked again about wanting to do something to help families like ours, to help those in the fight against fetal disorders like TTTS, SIUGR (the placental share problem that causes one baby to be very small and not grow well...which would have been our concern with Cole had he survived TTTS), disorders needed fetal blood transfusions and so many others. We really felt lost when we were going through this all and wished for support from other Canadian families going through this. Our dream would be that there be a way to make sure that no one has to go through it all.We've discussed websites, support groups, fundraisers and ultimately establishing a foundation to assist families and doctors. Admittedly we have no idea where to go from here and are wondering if any of our friends and family have any suggestions of things we could do, things you might be willing to help with as well to help our dream become a reality.If you have any suggestions or offers of help please post them on the guestbook or email us at

P.S. Just a little greeting of hi from our little miracle who loves to hug, squeeze and eat blankets and toys these days. This stuffie blankie came from my cousin Sarah and her family...Cameron LOVES it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Now here's a boy who's got something to smile about!!! At 11lbs 5.5 oz on July 10th, Cameron is finally taking off. He's gained 7lbs 4oz since he was born and he's now above the 10th percentile for his weight and height and that big ol head of his is at the 30th percentile!!! The dietician has taken him off the fortifier that was added to the expressed milk. This is great news for Cameron and even better news for Mommy as it means no more pumping!!!

Cameron continues to be full of smiles, laughs and screeches. He is very loud at times and tons of fun to be around. Sometimes this makes it abit hard for me as it makes me realize just how much we are missing out on with the loss of Cole and I miss him so much my heart aches. I know that we are so very blessed to have this little miracle with us, and I know that for so many reasons we are so lucky he is here at all...but that doesn't always make it easier to accept...just more logical I guess.

Cameron enjoyed his second camping trip last week with our family and our 'exchange daughter' Ruby (who stayed with us a few years ago). The weather was good and he did great being outside for 4 days.

Zack decided to turn Cameron into a 'Leafs Fan'!!! Cameron is 'tight fisted' according to physio terms and he clenches his hands tightly most of the time. It worked well to hold this leaf but is somewhat worriesome in regards to his development. We once again escaped the making and using of splints for his arms but will most likely have them made at the August appointment. Shelly is pleased with his legs, wrists, ankles and right arm for the most part but his left side continues to be tight and is also the side he struggles to keep his head in the midline position in. So we practice each day making faces in the mirror and tilting him from side to side.

Cameron loved the campfire and LOVES being held by Ruby!!!

I took this picture hoping that you would be able to see his fluffy hair as his brothers call it. It is light in colour, sort of a strawberry blond colour. There is TONS of it there but it's very short yet except one patch at the back of his neck.

Summer 09 Take One...and ACTION!

Last week we welcomed our Aussie 'daughter' back into the Tummers' Family. Ruby stayed with our family in 05/06 through an exchange program. She was here for all of my pregnancy with Brycen and his first few months and was eager to come back and meet her newest brother. Admittedly, when she began planning her trip she had thought she'd be here to help with two little babes but she was very delighted to be able to spend time with our little miracle.

We did a lot of camping when she was here before so last week we spent 3 nights at Wildwood Conservation Area.

Three little wild men enjoying time on the playground equipement. Cameron was just about to cry thus the lip. Zack always says 'not the lip, not the lip' whenever he does that!

One morning we went for a walk to check out the beach, playground and the rest of the park. The boys decided that they should go for a swim in their underwear! It was such a hoot to watch them swimming and laughing about being 'naked'.

The boys thought it would be fun to give Cameron a leaf hat. Go Leafs Go!!!

Campfire time usually meant sleep time for Brycen. Long days outside will do this to you apparently.

Cameron enjoying his first awake campfire with Ruby and Zack...the last camping trip he slept through them all.

The first catch during a fishing trip at Wildwood. The boys seemed to like to fish as long as they can run off and play every few minutes and let Daddy do all the work!!!

Brycen liked the fishing but wasn't so sure of the worms or the fish...must take after his mommy!

Post camping fishing trip to Wroxeter...the boys just couldn't get enough fishing I guess. Okay Daddy couldn't get enough fishing.
The fishing here was amazing though...put in the line, hook and worm and pull out a reeling or any effort what so ever. Even I caught a fish!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cameron isn't just looking big...he's really getting big. He weighed 10lbs 14 oz on Thursday. We were amazed...actually I asked the nurse to recheck it!!!
The appointment went well despite getting 2 needles!!! He only cried for 10 seconds...what a trooper! All seems to be going very well. His measurements move him up to almost the 10th percentile for his corrected age...although for some reason the clinic is going by his birth age in their growth chart sytem???
Cameron is going to be referred to a paediatrician as our family doctor, for personal reasons, will be off for an extended period of time. The medical team at the clinic feels it is best if Cameron has consistency until then and were actually surprised he didn't have a paediatrician yet anyway. It will be a nice peace of mind to have this doctor as part of Cameron's health team.

Cameron behaves very much like a 4 month old baby in many ways. Here he is blowing bubbles. He's also been known to be VERY chatty, babbling and cooing away...even the odd screech or two. We're not sure where he gets his expressive skills from!!!

The big boys have been insisting we get the pool out so a few weeks ago Geoff and I got it out and cleaned it up. They've spent hours jumping in and out of it, splashing, playing 'Survivor Man' and making a general mess! They seem to like to swim naked...nudist colony in Monkton anyone???

Geoff took this shot last weekend these three handsome boys. And yes, Brycen is trying to pick his nose in the picture. Kids do the darndest things!!!