Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Update

As promised, here are some 'fall shots'...okay LOTS of fall shots!

Brycen is now a big boy and goes to JK...he was so excited to finally be going to school! So far there have been many tears and tantrums at night because he's so exhausted from being there but other than that he is doing awesome. Each day he comes home with a new letter or sound he's learned, a song to share and a story of an adventure that he's been on with his new and old friends at Elma.

Our family has spent some great fall days up at mom and dad's farm in Teeswater cutting wood and loading it up. During a break a few weeks ago the boys and I went on an adventure to the bush and I took 'just a few' pictures!!!
I LOVE this one!

or was it this one??? I have to share a story about Cameron here with this picture. I was throwing leaves into the air and taking pictures as they fell on him. I'd say ready when I did it and then suddenly I heard 'leady' and then watched him throw the leaves himself. It's now one of his favourite words and is often heard just before he propels himself off his change table into your arms. He is finally saying two word sentences but they mostly focus on food...'want some' seems to be a favourite. He still uses a lot of single syllable sounds for words (Za for Zack, Da for dad, Ba for Brycen) but there is full words like baby, cheese, done, bye...they all just make me smile!

I love this shot...too bad the big boys who know to look at the camera weren't looking at me like Cameron was!!!

Cameron is super super active lately.... or should I say as always. He's running, climbing everything he can find and now learning to hide. He's been having issues with colds, fevers and breathing lately and is now on a puffer every 4 hours. It helps a bit but he still sounds like a 3 pack a day smoker. Hopefully we get rid of the cough soon!

Zack is 7 and in Grade 2 and loves school too. He is my bookworm and reads, on average, 3 mini-chapter books a week. He's suddenly become super helpful...I can't get over the difference in what he can actually help with as opposed to what he tried to help with and I just redid later a year ago. What a great feeling it is!!!

Brycen is full of emotion and expression lately. School is good for him but the moods at night are hard on all of us, especially me. Geoff is working a new job and isn't home at night until after they are all in bed....Brycen seems to be the most affected by this.
On a positive note, Brycen is full of good emotions and feelings lately too...he wants more hugs, more tickles and lots of fun times with everyone. He loves to be read to and loves showing us what he knows and can do.

He just cracks me up!!!

Couldn't put fall pics in without some great nature shots. These were taken on mom's camera as mine wasn't with us that day.

Our newest fall adventure...HOCKEY!!!!

Both Brycen and Zack are playing for the first time this year. They are on the same team, an instructional team. Zack may play for another team later in the year but for now we are just running once to twice a week and dressing and undressing two kids at the same time (yes it is crazy sometimes...especially when Geoff is at work!!!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tobermory Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2010

At the end of the summer we took our family, including it's news member, Laura (our exchange student 'daughter' from Finland) to the best place in Ontario...Tobermory. If you've never been there you really must go sometime. It's so beautiful and peaceful.
This picture was taken right after we were nearly drown in a crazy rain storm that blew up while we were hiking the Bruce Trail. There was really no cover and we got soaked but the boys kind of enjoyed spashing around and were keen to keep hiking despite being dripping wet!
This is the view of 'The Grotto' at Bruce Penninsula National Park. It is a cavernous rock formation that you can hike down into and explore. We, of course, chose not to do this but I have been down there in the past.

A shot looking down towards the outside area of the cave.... a long but beautiful way down!!!!

Once again I marvel at the Lake Huron sunset. This was taken near Big Tub Harbour and Lighthouse... shooting back over the point and out towards the lake. The kids loved exploring all the rocks and small pools of water they found on them.

And just cuz I'm never in any of the photos I post... I really do go on these vacations LOL!!!

Zack LOVED the hike we took to Bruce Penninsula National Park. He loves rock climbing and thought we should climb down into the cavern I showed above!

Brycen enjoyed the hike to a point but his little legs were pretty tired. He found this great tree to chill on!

And this was Cameron's way of relaxing. He got this great water toy for a baby gift and we took it camping with us to Tobermory. He LOVES it...he can splash and float without anyone holding on and as I said before, he HATES to be contained!!!

Long overdue picture updates

How did I manage to go so long without any photo updates here. Life is busy I guess. Here are some shots of the end of the summer and hopefully later I will post some of our trip to Tobermory. I'll leave the updates on what the boys are up to now (in later October) for when I have the photos of the fall downloaded. Hopefully it won't be Christmas before that happens!!!

Brycen was greeting a goat in the Mitchell park. It cracked me up that he and the goat had their heads angled the same...and almost the same expressions on their faces!!!

This is Cameron going for a wagon ride at my parents farm. Summer was very busy for Cameron as he learned to RUN!!! It was and remains to be very hard to contain this little boy. I think he likes to remind me that he carries his twin brothers spirit within him!!!

Brycen learned to ride a two wheeler this summer without his training wheels. He was so proud of himself...and took off like a pro!

Cameron LOVES the water and loves to splash anyone and everyone near him! Swimming was a big thing for him this summer...hopefully he still loves the water next year!

Zack's big thing this summer was fishing. He can bait his own hook and cast off but really enjoys just putting the line in where there are tons of tiny fish and catching anything that will nibble.

Geoff took this shot of Brycen at the park in Stratford. Brycen was hunting for trolls in this big tree!

It's not often that we capture Cameron at rest....he's a very busy boy who's running, laughing and talking up a storm these days.