Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photo updates

It's been a long time since I've done any updates so here are a few of the birthday celebrations we had with Zack.

Last weekend we celebrated both Zack and Brycen's birthdays with my family. The boys were VERY excited about their presents!!!

I don't have any great shots of Cameron to post (for once)but we do have a pretty awesome video to show....

We're so excited that he is walking close to the 'normal' time frame. The physiotherapist saw him 2 weeks ago and was very impressed with how well he is doing. She will not see him again till October and will likely discharge him then. Her only concern continues to be the tightness/ lack of full extension in his arms but is hoping it will correct itself. We see an ortho specialist for a minor issue with Brycen's legs/feet in September and she's asked that we have this doctor look at Cameron's arms.
Cameron had tubes put in his ears a week ago and already we are noticing a difference in the amount of echoing and mimicing he is doing now that he can hear properly. He did well with the surgery though he had big problems with agitation after the anesthetic and needed to be sedated in order to for us to manage him...poor little guy! He weighs just over 22 lbs now. Geoff is certain he's our heaviest kid at 1 year old but I'm pretty sure Brycen was just a bit heavier. Regardless he's come a long way from the 4lb baby he was at birth!