Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Fun!

A few weeks ago we packed our crew up and headed into Stratford to go tobogganing at a local highschool. It was not only Cameron's first experience in a sleigh but also Brycen's first time on a big hill. He was scared at first and rode with Edith (our exchange student) or with Geoff.

Zack is an old pro at tobogganing... he gets to practice each day on his crazy carpet at school. He was very excited to be going down such a HUGE hill!!!

So excited...and so cold!!!

Cameron seemed to enjoy his sleigh ride and watched from the top of the hill while we all took turns. He was so calm and quiet but grinned and laughed when we pulled him around.

Brycen's first trip on his own....and yes that is a mix of excitement, fear and my smile is frozen to my face!!!

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