Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Break 2010

Welcome Spring...the Tummers Boys are so glad you are here!!!

I know this picture looks like Cameron is in baby jail....and lately he's so busy I've wondered about putting him in one....however this is Cameron's first experience walking outdoors...and he LOVED it!!!

But as always it is easier to army crawl than walk so down he went and off exploring on the deck. Watch out for the slivers little man!!!!

The big boys have been enjoying the outdoors too. Their latest 'game' is Star Wars and here is Captain Zack up in his command post.

Commander Brycen is on the ground taking directions and then he'll head over to the space ship (aka the playground tree house) and start the battle!!!

Today we took a trip to the Mountsberg Conservation Area's Mapletown celebration. Cameron LOVED the pancakes the best!!!

The boys learned how trees are tapped and where the sap comes from.

They also got a chance to try the sap and were pretty surprised how 'blah' it was!!!

They also saw the tools used to tap the trees and even tried them out.

Cameron just took it all in....what a cool kid!!!!

Mommy and Cameron had a great time in the sun....what a great day it was!

Later the big boys burned off their pancake lunch with a play in the very dusy but very fun play area built in the haymow area of the barn.

We just had to take this picture. The conservation area is located on the Cameron family homestead.

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Megan B ♥ said...

What a great adventure for all the boys!! Good to know that sap is blah. I guess I never thought about it. The picture of Cam with the huge smile and the pancake was so cute!