Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! What a wonderful Easter weekend we had!

With the weather in Ontario being so amazing this Easter, we enjoyed our first ever Easter egg hunt outdoors at Grandma and Papa Ireland's on Good Friday. Usually we are battling muddy ground, snow piles and cold weather at Easter.
Brycen loved the egg hunt. Usually he follows behind Zack and gets the 'leftovers' but it was such a big area at the farm that he could go wherever he wanted and got lots of great treats.

My nephew Mac was part of the Easter egg hunt too and he was, by far, the cutest, most photogenic egg hunter I've ever seen!

Zack was the fastest egg hunter...and the had the most to show for it too!

Cameron didn't really hunt for any eggs but enjoyed hanging out with Papa and shake the eggs. He got so excited and was so cute to watch.

Cameron decorated his first Easter eggs with Edith, our exchange student. He really just wanted to eat the crayons though!!!

Zack was very excited about decorating eggs this year and told us how what colours to mix together to make which colours...such a smart boy...takes after his mom of course!!!

Brycen loved decorating eggs...such a little Picaso!

Let the hunt begin!

Cameron loved finding the big plastic eggs....okay let's be honest, he loved finding the candy ones too but I didn't let him have those after he snuck the first jelly bean and made a gooey mess of it!!!! The rest of his were plastic filled with Gerber puffs. He loves those too!!!

I LOVE the light in this picture... and the boy in it too!!!