Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back online again!!!

We're back online and hopefully I'll keep this blog more up to date than the last one. It should be easier now that we have highspeed!!! Here are some photos of things we've done lately...hopefully I'll have more in the next week or so.
The March Break holidays were spent in Blue Mountain at a cottage. Zackary, Brycen and I took our French exchange student, Sebastian, and 3 of his friends up to Collingwood to ski. We enjoyed all kinds of winter activities and spent lots of time relaxing at the cottage. Geoff was able to join us one day for some fun at a water park.

Ready, Aim, FIRE!!!!

Brycen LOVES chocolate (and all gigos...as he calls candy). This shot was taken at the village at Blue Mountain while we enjoyed our hot chocolate, chocolate factory chocolates and sat by an outdoor fire to warm ourselves.

Jiffypop magic...Zack was amazed and so excited with this 'speriment' that he tried on our holiday. It was Sebastian's first experience with jiffypop too but he wasn't as easily put in awe!!!

Brycen wasn't too sure what to think of toboganning (otherwise known as botagganing in Zackary speak)...he screamed, cried and then asked for more!!!

Zack on his first snowmobile ride with Uncle Josh and his girlfriend Marjan. They toured down from Teeswater in early March.

A great day of winter fun in February. I think we built our first snow fort that day, had a snow ball fight and then headed in for hot chocolate and gigos (Brycen's word for anything that resembles a treat...in this case, marshmallows)


Flanimom said...

Your boys are so adorable! Good for you for taking a much needed March Break vacation!

Flanimom said...

Oops - I should have signed my name - it's Marilyn! Cheers,

Anonymous said...

Jodie- great job with the blog- WOW-the boys getting so big. Lots of new adventures for them in the great Canadian winter. Spring is just around the corner...with its mud puddles and frogs to play with.

Unknown said...

Hey! Great pics... wish I could be around more often. Sounds like you had a great march break though. I tried to call, but your machine did something weird. Can't wait to see more!