Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Spring!!!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring from Zackary and Brycen.
Thank goodness it is finally here.... no more snowsuits!!!
Zackary and Brycen coloured eggs with Sebastian's help this year.
Zack realy enjoyed himself and thought he should colour all the eggs in the fridge...why stop at 2 each!!!

Brycen coloured eggs for about 2 minutes, ate crayons for 1 minute and tried to use the eggs as baseballs for the rest of the time!!! Maybe next year.....
Easter for the Tummers Boys was a pretty 'sweet' affair!!! The Easter Bunny had full intentions of not having too much candy here so that Mommy wouldn't eat it all!!! But Sebastian had other ideas, wanting to treat his host family to lots of yummy goodness. Thankfully no one noticed when the easter bunnies became chocolotate chip cookies later in the week!!!!

Zack, caught in the act of pre egg hunt munching!!!

Brycen shared his treats with anyone who was willing to help him open them. We got pretty tired of his 'cute' word gigo after the third day of Easter candy!!!

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