Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun with Family

We celebrated Mother's Day with the Ireland gang on Saturday as my dearest friend, Charlotte, was home from Phoenix and at mom and dad's for a visit. Here is my brother Adam holding his baby boy, Mac and Charlotte's little girl, Paulina while Zack helps out. Brycen was too busy running around the house to pause for picture time.
Brycen and Zackary LOVE their baby cousin Mac. The first picture in this series was without baby's soother and Brycen kept telling Mac shhh, shhh.
Zack, Brycen and Paulina went for a wagon ride with Grandma after they helped Uncle Josh feed the calves.
Brycen was VERY excited that Papa took him for a tractor ride and this is all he's talked about since then...Papa, tracker, ride, me, papa, ride, tracker, me, go... you get the picture!!!
And here is our final moment with Sebastian. On Sunday we said goodbye to this fine young man who became a part of our family over the past 9 months. We were sad to see him go and wish him the best of luck in his future. I am sure he'll be back to join his Canadian family again.

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