Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday (almost) Brycen!!!

The official day isn't until Friday but I couldn't resist posting some pictures from Bryen's family party on Sunday...I'm sure I'll have more to post later in the week!!!
This was his present from Mommy, Daddy and Zackary and he LOVES it...despite it being the wrong colour!!! He did get one of the right colour from Papa Ireland but the photos aren't in the computer yet.

Uncle Josh decorated Brycen's cake and filled it with trackers, ca-ows and an-mos so he was pretty excited. He's mastered the technique of blowing out candles...needless to say we had to light them a few times to get the pictures!!!
Brycen got a dump truck full of sand toys from Uncle Josh and Marjan and some very cool blocks from Uncle Adam and Aunt Julie and baby Mac. The blocks now reside in the dump truck and race across the kitchen floor in hot pursuit of Zackary!!!

This adorable picture was taken a few weeks ago at my Uncle Gord's 60th birthday party. These are Brycen's cousins Allison and Avery...born 2 and 6 weeks before him. We have a great picture of them all within a few weeks of being born so it was time for an update.

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