Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Fun Part 4

We spent most of a week camping at Silver Lake with the Kinsmen and at Auburn Riverside Retreat with our friends the Angst and Nelson families. Zack REALLY enjoyed the pool and even began to swim without his water wings by the end of the week.
Brycen took a bit longer to warm up to the water but by the end of the week he was jumping in and splashing anyone in his way!!!

A serious moment wiht Brycen and Mommy.
The campground even has an Elk paddock and Brycen lived for the 'tracker' and wagon rides to see the 'funny elk'.
Here is one of the fish Zack caught at Silver Lake... he won a trophy for the smallest fish...1.5 inches!!!
Brycen did NOT like the fish and cried most of the time we showed him didn't help that the fish jumped out of Daddy's hand and landed on Brycen!!!
In the week prior to this Brycen hated the water...but he soon got over this and turned into a little fish. He enjoyed splashing and digging in the sand at Silver Lake.
We also got to go for a boat ride with our friend Bill at Silver Lake.
Brycen had never been on a boat before but wasn't really sure if he liked it or not...he did a lot of snuggling with mommy anytime the boat went fast.

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