Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Fun Part 5

Zackary might be the t-ball star in our house but Brycen is planning on challenging him on who's the cutest player!!!
Zack is taking swimming lessons this summer and really enjoying himself. He's made great gains in his swimming since the start of the summer from a boy who wouldn't jump in unless you held his hand to someone who'll swim under water half way across the pool!
Having some fun in the park in Mitchell after swimming lessons.
Here's our budding t-ball star in action. The season started off slow and he wasn't real sure about playing but now that they get the bats out every game and play 'real t-ball' he's having a blast and seems to have quite the arm on him too.
Zackary and his friend Meredith enjoyed some time together on a hammock swing on our trip with them. This photo was too cute to pass up!
Brycen has taken to 'ridin the range' in the kitchen lately. He takes his horse for a short gallop and then as soon as the sound effects on the horse stop he drops to the ground on top of it. Poor old horse won't be long for the glue factory I'm afraid LOL!
Beware of shark...or snorkelers looking for them! Zack loved snorkeling in the pool the last time we camped. On Civic Holiday weekend we went up to a friends developing campground near Owen Sound and helped them get their camp ready to open for next season.
Brycen loved the 'trom-pan-nee' and asked to jump morning, noon and night...he never seemed to tire of it and even cried when we took him off for meals!
Zackary also enjoyed the trampoline with his friend Meredith.
At the end of a long weekend the kids enjoyed a movie and a rest in the trailer.

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