Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthdays and other fun

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! Cameron enjoyed his first camping trip this past weekend. We went to Silver Lake with the Kinsmen and had a great time. Here he is enjoying the sun!!!

Brycen got a bit too much sun and has a nice pink glow now...he was hamming it up for me today...what a handsome fellow he is!

Last week the boys each had some friends over and we celebrated a belated birthday for them both. They decorated individual cakes, played with toys and had a 'movie theatre' complete with popcorn.

Here's Zack with his friends Nathan and Bracken...and his new toys of course!!!

My three very adorable. Moments like this really catch me up as I really feel like we're missing someone in this photo, that we're missing someone in our house, our lives...but not in our hearts. We love you Cole!

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