Monday, June 22, 2009


Cameron had his first camping trip this weekend...and his first sunny day adventure too. Brycen insisted that Cameron wear his sunglasses.
The healthy glow of sunburn...okay not so healthy. We were pretty amazed to see that he had a sunburn as he'd been covered so well. Thankfully he's not uncomfortable or even that burnt but lessons learned all the same!!!

I spent an hour or so last week trying to get a shot of Cameron smiling but each time he'd smile the flash on the camera would cause him to stop smiling before the picture was taken. I love this one...sticking out his tongue!

A big smile here though harder to see with the fist of triumph shaking!!!

Cameron loves his bath. It's moments like this that I realize how much he's grown....9lbs 9.5 oz as of June 18. His gain is about an 1-1.5 oz per day now. Our dietician is very happy with this and hopes to take him off all fortifiers mid July. He also continues to work on physiotherapy at home. Right now we are trying to gain arm strength, have him maintain his head in midline postion...basically not tople to the side and to open up his hands more. She expects that eventually he will need to have splints to help to straighten his arms.

Cameron continues to have issues with reflux and spits up...a lot. But most of the time it doesn't worry him or us too much. He's been known to projectile puke out his nose which, while amusing, is uncomfortable and messy!!!

He is really becoming a 'normal' 3 month old. He's starting to really coo and talk, smiles all the time, laughs a bit, moves and stretches and is starting to get a sleep and eat routine going. His corrected age is about 2.5 months so it's good that he's a bit ahead of that and a bit behind his birth age of almost 4 months.

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