Monday, November 2, 2009

A Spooktacular Time!!!

Happy Halloween from the Tummers! Brycen, Cameron and Mommy had a great time at a Halloween party at the library in Monkton.
We played a few halloween type games....Brycen's favourite was bobbing for apples.

On Saturday afternoon the boys, Geoff and our exchange student, Edith (sometime I'll post a picture of her...I promise) carved pumpkins. They had a great time until Brycen fell off the chair he was standing on and split his head open. We almost went to the hospital but decided it just wasn't how we wanted to spend Halloween night and thankfully it stopped bleeding quickly.

Here's the spooky end result!

Cameron dressed up as a tiger. We had planned to take him out for a little while but earlie that day he started running a fever and seemed to come down with the bug that Edith and I had had all week...could be H1N1...don't know and really aren't too concerned about it either. So instead he stayed home and watched all the spooks come to the door.

A pair of very excited trick or treaters headed out on Halloween night. They got TONS of candy and had a very good time. Geoff stayed home with Cameron and handed out treats for awhile and then we switched. We had about 75 kids come to our door this year.

Our very 'sharp' was Brycen's word choice because of the claws.

Zack chose his costume because he had the 'perfect' teeth for it...someday soon I hope he'll have some front's only been almost 5 years since he knocked them out!!!

Just before we went out trick or treating to Cameron's one and only house...Cheryl, our babysitter.

Just had to add this 6th month picture of Cameron as it is so very adorable!!!
He continues to amaze us with his infectious smiles and laugh, his strength and his amazing personality. I am finding so much joy in being his mom lately. I find it remarkable as I post these Halloween pics that my blogging stopped with Halloween pictures last year at this time. In hindsight I wish I'd blogged all the way through the pregnancy and kept everyone updated as well as wrote I felt at the time. I can't change that but I will make sure that I keep a good account of our lives, the joy our children bring us and the zest we all have for life now.

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