Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Tummers Boys!!!
It has been a very busy few weeks so I decided to just post all our holiday pictures at once. This was what our tree looked like on Christmas morning. We were aiming for a minimal Christmas and have decided to practice gift giving in honour of Jesus...he received 3 gifts on the very first Christmas and therefore, other than stockings, each member of our family only got 3 presents to open on Christmas morning as well. This worked well and kept the chaos to a minimum....but still we managed to have a crowded tree!!!

We celebrated with a few friends just before Christmas...and our boys got new pj's, books and movies.

Later that day we celebrated with the Ireland family at our annual holiday gathering. Cameron and Freya had a blast playing together. They are almost exactly 24 hours apart and both had some pretty serious stressful events in their early days so it was absolutely awesome to see them playing together like 9.5 month old babies should!

Cameron in his very adorable and very appropriate new monkey pajamas.

Cameron started a few creeping movements before Christmas and has been reaching up and getting into things. He cut his first tooth on Dec. 23rd and has also had his first (very nasty and gross) ear infection at the same time.
He weighs 18lbs 4 oz, eats everything he can manage to get into his mouth as well as everything mommy feeds him on a spoon!!!

Christmas morning was lots of fun with all of our boys. Cameron enjoyed eating the paper and banging on his presents just as much as opening them. He got a lot of noisy music toys and has been motivated to practice his new army/inchworm crawl to get to them. Just today this movement became much faster and with purpose and we've decided NOTHING is safe from Cameron!!!

Never thought I'd see two boys so excited about new socks!!!

Our family gift was a Wii this year...it's the first year we've done a big gift (really our only gift besides clothes and one other toy). So far it has been an absolute blast to play and to watch. I'll have to take some pics and post them another time!

Cameron got a new pair of jammies from his big brothers too...they and he are just so adorable...I had to post this pic!

It was a very good Christmas at our house but it did have some bittersweet moments where we imagined what could have been. Cole, with Daddy's help, gave me a beautiful ornament titled, perfectly, You Will Always Have My Heart.

I had this message for him:
Merry Christmas my sweet son, this first one without you is so hard. I miss you so very much. The ornament that Daddy helped you to give to me is so very perfect. I will always have your heart and you will always have mine. Enjoy this special day in Heaven...it is a season of Miracles and your twin brother Cameron shows me each and every day just what a miracle is!
And a few snuggles later with that little miracle, a few adorable smiles later and...

the love of our Christmas miracle surrounded me and the joy I felt at the knowledge that Cole was guiding us, loving us and spending Christmas in the best place of all, having birthday cake with Jesus made it all okay.

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