Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Comes Christmas!!!

The boys posed for this holiday shot for me last week after we got our tree up. The house is all decorated and the baking is started. Most of the gifts are bought and none of the cards are done. Oh well, I am just enjoying the time with my boys this year....who cares about what needs to be done!
Brycen LOVED watching all the lights...he could hardly wait to see Santa's float but he got on the Kinsmen one about 1/3 the way through the parade and road with Daddy.
Cameron wasn't too impressed with the parade...not enough movement for him I think. Hard to move when you are bundled up like the abonimable snowman!
The Kinsmen float with Zack and Brycen on board!
Zack seems to be at the age where Santa is cool as long as no one expects him to smile for a picture!!! He did get his gift requests in though!!!
Typical Brycen, all grins and giggles.
Cameron's first visit with the big guy.... he hammed it up and LOVED Santa and his beard.
On Sunday we went to the CUPE 4186 (my union)'s Kids Christmas party. The kids had a blast with facepainting, colouring, playing, eating and, of course, Santa. They all got a great gift and the smiles were HUGE!!!
Cameron just wanted the sure learn early!!!
Brycen talked and talked and talked to Santa...he was so excited!!!

Not sure Zack was too comfortable with this Santa but he sure was excited about getting a present!

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