Friday, June 4, 2010

An Amazing Fundraising Event!

Friday May 28th marked the first (of what I hope is an annual) fundraising event in Cole and Cameron's honour. A lot of work went into the event and some AMAZING donations came in from local businesses. We were completely blown away by the size of our silent auction table...88 items donated plus donations to a kids raffle table.
I'll post pictures first before giving the grand total as it stands right now.

Our event had a Retro Wedding theme...just to add something unique....and we were able to borrow this retro cake from a friend who owns a cake shop. We set up a display of photos of Cameron and Cole and info on our charity, Mt. Sinai Fetal Therapy Program.

Instead of the usual bride and groom cake topper we used one of the sets of these twin figurines from Willow Tree that we were given when Cole and Cameron were born.

And sticking with our retro wedding themed I am with my friend Emily in our wedding dresses. Her's is only 1 week old (congrats Emily and Mark). Mine is almost 10 years old (and 4 kids and a TON of stress later). I was so impressed that it fit!

Zack, our 7 year old, decided that he wanted to raise some money too so he decided that if he could raise $600 he would cut off all his beautiful curls!!!

Well at 9:30 that night he had raised $750 so off came the curls. We had some people who were so moved by this gesture of Zack's (including our amazing DJ) that they kept donating and by the end of the weekend there was $900 in Zack's haircut fund! We are so very proud of our son!!!

Geoff told him that if he raised more than this amount he would let him shave his head!!! Zack LOVED it!

In the end our event, to date, has raised over $3600 and that does not include the online donations that continue to come in to Mt. Sinai in honour of our sons (if you wish to make an online donation click here and chose a card in honour of Cameron and Cole Tummers and it will be credited towards our fundraiser)

Thank you so much everyone for all the amazing support!!!

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Megan B ♥ said...

Fantastic! Congrats on a successful event, it looks like a great success!!