Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Hoping this festive season has brought you much joy and love and provided you with time to spend with family and friends. As 2010 comes to a close we reflect that it has been a year of growth, hope and more healing for our family...challenges and change all around. The ending has been tough but filled with love and hope. We are wishing everyone a healthy 2011 filled with joy and love.
Below is a LONG collection of pictures from the month of December...hopefully in order.
Christmas Concert at the school...Zack's class did baking christmas cookies
And Brycen (looks a bit possessed doesn't he) did Christmas ABC's.. his line was "M is for mistletoe but you won't kiss me".
Christmas pageant at the church

visits with Santa at church too...

first ever hockey game...this is Zack
and there goes Brycen
Gingerbread houses are an annual tradition at our church.
And eating them till you feel sick seems to be an annual tradition in the Tummers' house LOL!!!
Opening presents at Ireland Christmas.
Silly Brycen!!!
Skating with the Ireland gang at our big family Christmas on Dec. 19th.
Daddy and Cameron skating
... Zack in the front, Brycen in the background.
We decorated a gingerbread sleigh just before bedtime on Dec. 24th...
The boys wondered if Santa would eat some of the treats when he stopped by.
Just after Santa came... a good stash but not too overwhelming!
Remember Rock 'em Sock'em Robots... Santa brought that for Zack...was he excited!!!
Cameron checking out the toy Santa brought... a water toy that uses batteries...scary, I know. But it is the coolest thing!!! It sings, squirts water and teaches shapes, colours and animals in the tub! Santa is such a good shopper!!What's in here...a cool vest and shirt!!
Even clothes are a huge hit in our house!!! We celebrate Christmas a bit different than some other families. Our kids have a 'Jesus' Christmas... Jesus got 3 gifts from the wisemen on his first Christmas and the Tummers' boys get the same. It makes the appreciation for the gifts they get so much greater.
The tree at my parents house with only about half the presents under it...crazy eh!
Brycen got LEGO...he loved it..until it started to fall apart after it was built. Then he asked why we can't glue it together????
Mac and Brycen playing with Cameron's new was a hit!
Laura, our exchange student from Finland got an amazing first ever Christmas present...holding a baby who was only 3 days old. This is my new nephew, Tyson, born on Dec. 22nd. He's MY baby brother Josh (and his lovely wife Marjan)'s son.
Papa Ireland and his 2 almost 2 year old boys... there use to be such a difference between them...Joel has always been so much bigger, talked more, walked earlier etc. It is so awesome to see them growing up together and Cameron catching up more now. Love you both so much!
My whole family that resides in Ontario....wonder how we get the kids to look at the camera LOL!!!

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