Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brycen is 4!!!

Brycen was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday this year (again) at Camp Kintail...the Presbyterian Church Camp that is affiliated with our church and where a group from our church spends a work weekend and a retreat weekend each year.

He shared his birthday with one of the camp he shared his cake with her too!

Are you one, are you two, are you three, are you four??? FOUR, yeah FOUR!!!

A birthday kiss from staffer, Flame.

'Mom, Dad, this is the best present EVER!!!! '
A ball glove and new shoes...who knew it was so easy to make someone's day!!!

Opening his birthday present from his godparents, Bill and Cheryl (who is also his babysitter)...a train set! He was so excited and it's been all over the basement floor ever since!

Birthday hugs from Anita!

Birthday hugs from Catharine.

I made an Under the Sea cake...and was rather proud of how well it turned out!

Brycen and his good buddy Austin were born 3 days apart so we celebrate together each year. The boys loved their cake and their party.


Brycen and Austin...two birthday boys happy with all their presents!!!

Brycen finally got to have his friends over for a party 2 weeks after his birthday. He was sure he was turning 5 or maybe 6 since he'd now had cake 3 times!!! The kids decorated their own cupcakes instead of having a birthday cake.

Ah, ah, ah feeeewwwwww!!! Yup, no girlfriends!!!!

Opening presents at his party... this was a car is lots of fun and makes LOTS of mess!!!

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