Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random pictures on the new camera

The boys fond a toad!
I love some of the effects this camera will do...this shot looks so cool with the butterfly bush blurry up front but focused in behind....kind of like life!
Cameron was climbing above me here..such a clear shot for a time when I was pretty nervous that he might fall !!!

I don't 'think' he's eating sand!!! He had no idea I was taking his picture... I was atleast 25 feet away from him!

This I took from the bottom of the slide. The camera has a an LCD viewer that moves out from the camera....like some camcorders do. I didn't even have to stick my head in the slide...just the camera.

Again another shot I took from 25-30 feet away with no one realizing I was. If he'd realized it he would have turned and said 'chee'!!!

This is in a garden behind the park.... again taken from a good 30+ feet away...I LOVE this camera!!!
Could be in a perennial magazine I think!!!

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