Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer 09 Take One...and ACTION!

Last week we welcomed our Aussie 'daughter' back into the Tummers' Family. Ruby stayed with our family in 05/06 through an exchange program. She was here for all of my pregnancy with Brycen and his first few months and was eager to come back and meet her newest brother. Admittedly, when she began planning her trip she had thought she'd be here to help with two little babes but she was very delighted to be able to spend time with our little miracle.

We did a lot of camping when she was here before so last week we spent 3 nights at Wildwood Conservation Area.

Three little wild men enjoying time on the playground equipement. Cameron was just about to cry thus the lip. Zack always says 'not the lip, not the lip' whenever he does that!

One morning we went for a walk to check out the beach, playground and the rest of the park. The boys decided that they should go for a swim in their underwear! It was such a hoot to watch them swimming and laughing about being 'naked'.

The boys thought it would be fun to give Cameron a leaf hat. Go Leafs Go!!!

Campfire time usually meant sleep time for Brycen. Long days outside will do this to you apparently.

Cameron enjoying his first awake campfire with Ruby and Zack...the last camping trip he slept through them all.

The first catch during a fishing trip at Wildwood. The boys seemed to like to fish as long as they can run off and play every few minutes and let Daddy do all the work!!!

Brycen liked the fishing but wasn't so sure of the worms or the fish...must take after his mommy!

Post camping fishing trip to Wroxeter...the boys just couldn't get enough fishing I guess. Okay Daddy couldn't get enough fishing.
The fishing here was amazing though...put in the line, hook and worm and pull out a reeling or any effort what so ever. Even I caught a fish!

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