Saturday, July 18, 2009


Now here's a boy who's got something to smile about!!! At 11lbs 5.5 oz on July 10th, Cameron is finally taking off. He's gained 7lbs 4oz since he was born and he's now above the 10th percentile for his weight and height and that big ol head of his is at the 30th percentile!!! The dietician has taken him off the fortifier that was added to the expressed milk. This is great news for Cameron and even better news for Mommy as it means no more pumping!!!

Cameron continues to be full of smiles, laughs and screeches. He is very loud at times and tons of fun to be around. Sometimes this makes it abit hard for me as it makes me realize just how much we are missing out on with the loss of Cole and I miss him so much my heart aches. I know that we are so very blessed to have this little miracle with us, and I know that for so many reasons we are so lucky he is here at all...but that doesn't always make it easier to accept...just more logical I guess.

Cameron enjoyed his second camping trip last week with our family and our 'exchange daughter' Ruby (who stayed with us a few years ago). The weather was good and he did great being outside for 4 days.

Zack decided to turn Cameron into a 'Leafs Fan'!!! Cameron is 'tight fisted' according to physio terms and he clenches his hands tightly most of the time. It worked well to hold this leaf but is somewhat worriesome in regards to his development. We once again escaped the making and using of splints for his arms but will most likely have them made at the August appointment. Shelly is pleased with his legs, wrists, ankles and right arm for the most part but his left side continues to be tight and is also the side he struggles to keep his head in the midline position in. So we practice each day making faces in the mirror and tilting him from side to side.

Cameron loved the campfire and LOVES being held by Ruby!!!

I took this picture hoping that you would be able to see his fluffy hair as his brothers call it. It is light in colour, sort of a strawberry blond colour. There is TONS of it there but it's very short yet except one patch at the back of his neck.

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