Monday, August 10, 2009


In case you can't make it out the shirt says Mommy's Tough Guy. My aunt bought this for Cameron and for seems fitting after all Cameron has been through to be with us here!

Cameron continues to make us smile with his amazing personality, infectious belly laugh and constant smiles. He is doing very well and is actually growing out of clothes.
We've had a few scares lately with what the doctor describes as developing neurological functions'. It is apparently within the realms of normal but looks to us like seizure like activity and occurs only when he eats. He seems to shudder and shiver but usually continues to eat. Scary but not worrisome...apparently!!!
Cameron's motor development is coming along great. He will remain on his tummy for short periods and holds his head up well though he leans to his left side and continues to be very tight in his left arm. Doesn't hold him back at all though!!!

Sitting up in a big boy chair...what a little man!

There are so very few shots of Cameron and I so I had Zack take some of us this weekend...he really is a little mommy's boy with only eyes for me at times!

And just in case you think Cameron at 12lbs 2 oz still seems small just look below.....

This picture was taken at about 5.5 lbs...somewhere around mid April. I can't believe somedays that he was ever this small...and that's 1.5lbs more than he was at birth. What a miracle this little man is...such a blessing from God!

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