Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer 09 Take 2...and action!

Civic Holiday weekend brought the Ireland clan 'Home for a Good Time in 09'...back home to Teeswater for the Old Boy's Reunion. It happens every 10 years and after the week it took me to recover, I know why!
This is my family outside my mom and dad's house...where I grew up. For those of you who don't know them left to right is Josh, Jason, me and Adam with my parents down in front.

We used this opportunity of our whole family being together to get some family photos taken. And what would family photos be without Papa's tractor!

All of the grandchildren with Grandma and Papa.

The whole Mark and Debbie Ireland clan!

Above is a picture of most of the Ireland grandchildren (minus the babies and cousin Justin). They decorated Grandma and Papa's driveway for the reunion!

Here's Cameron getting ready to watch the parade.

Zack and Brycen LOVED the parade especially all the candy. The highlight, for Brycen especially, was Team Farmall!

Here's is my dad and his 'wife' Steve Donaldson with their Farmall tractors at the parade. Steve and I joked on Sunday night that since he is my dad's partner and he dresses as I woman in the square dance set that he is my 'step mom'....and yes there was lots of alcohol consumed before this conversation!!!

For those that don't know about Team Farmall you should google it as there are many videos of them on you tube. It is a square dance set comprised of 2 different types of Farmall tractors and all the square dance moves are done with the tractors, a caller and fiddle music. It's very impressive to watch.

Brycen enjoyed some time at the Teeswater pool but was sooooo freezin!

A great memory for anyone who's spent time in Teeswater. This is our Lion's fountain which is located on mainstreet. The boys enjoyed drinking from it and thought it was cool that it had been in town longer than mommy had! Incidentally there is also a Lion's fountain near us here in Monkton...atleast I think I've seen one in Atwood.

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