Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday Cameron

I can't believe that it was 6 months ago today that Cameron arrived to bless our family...I can't believe that the journey of Cole and Cameron together ended 6 months ago and the 11 weeks of stress, fear and strength came to it's end. Cole and Cameron will always be together in their hearts and souls and the strength that Cameron exhibits, the smiles and laughter he shares are definately a tribute to the love his brothers showers him with. We are so very blessed to know you both!
Cameron was seen by the paeditrician yesterday and he is very pleased with his development. He now weighs about 12lbs 12 oz. The doctor has asked that we watch his shuddering behaviour closely and monitor it for seizure like activity but isn't concerned about it at all. All in all it was a clean bill of health there. The physio therapist is also very pleased. I had anticipated that he would need to have splints made for his arms and possibly his hands but once again she has decided to hold off for another month. He gained another 5 degrees of flexion in all his limbs and is now at 15 and 20 degrees less than normal in his arms and 10 and 15 in his legs/knees. His left continues to be tighter than his right. So we will continue to do activities here at home to help him out and watch him grow to see what else needs to be done.
I made a video as a tribute to our little miracle man...he is such an amazing boy and has come so far from the non viable baby diagnosed with TTTS at 23 weeks who came within hours of losing his life like his sweet twin brother. We are so blessed indeed!

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